Self-Guided Virtual Tour

South Breakwater Lighthouse

The Muskegon South Breakwater Light is located at the Lake Michigan entrance side to the Lake Muskegon Channel at the end of the southern arrowhead pier approximately one-half mile from shore. The lighthouse is a 63-foot tall pyramidal light tower was built in 1931 on the south side at the outer end of the arrowhead pier for the outer light of a range light system. The rectangular base of the tower is 10 feet tall and is the first story entrance and the 53-foot tall pyramidal tower stands on top of the rectangular first story. The top of the tower does not have a typical classical lantern room and is more of a blunt flat top that once held a large buoy style light that capped the tower, which has long since been removed. The current optic is a red LED aid to navigation. The tower and base are both painted red.

The tower’s interior is very sparse, just like the Pierhead Light. The floor and landings are all concrete, unpainted. The structure was not meant to be a manned or occupied, hence no other comforts for people. It was meant to hold and shelter equipment, and keep the light at the correct focal plane.